And being willing to bet on yourself. So many of us nowadays just, we do this thing where we ask all these questions to get validation from society about what we’re going to do, but we just need to be willing to, you know what, it’s my intuition, I’m going to make it happen and make mistakes along the way.

That’s great advice because that’s one of the hardest parts I think is kind of those insecurities that creep in.

Yes, we all have them.

Yes. And you’re trying to make that personal connection to get new business and it all falls on your own shoulders.

Yes it does.

So I also want to talk about falling on your own shoulders. You have a support system. Who do you share these business ideas with?

We all do this thing where we share the ideas with people that we know are going to give us the answer we want to hear. But what I have found is that if you share the ideas with that person or two people in your circle that you know are the naysayers, even though it might not be the information you want to hear, it’s going to be the information that’s needed. Because at the end of the day, you’re going to get that adverse or potentially negative feedback down the road. So it’s better to get it from somebody you know, and you know what it feels like.