Some of you suck at communication and the only reason why you suck at communication is because somewhere along the line they said specific to your gender, your height, your weight, your ethnicity, your religion, you don’t need to convey your feelings.

Fellows, I’m talking to you. You better start learning to convey them, because the more you don’t convey the feelings inside, and I’m talking about those things that happened to you when you were seven, eight, nine years of age that you haven’t told nobody. If you can’t convey that message to your wife, I don’t know if you’re married to the right person.

I ain’t no marriage counselor. Obviously, I’ve been married three times, but I do know what it takes to wake up feeling wonderful. Like I don’t even eat Wheaties, but every morning I wake up, I sure feel like I should be on the front of that box. That’s just how I feel when I wake up.

A matter of fact, somebody … Was it you that asked me yesterday? No, you asked Jesus or me and we’re in the elevator, you’re like, “Are you always like this?” Yeah, that was because you’re the only with the accent. No, there’s another Aussie here, but it was you with the accent.

Do you always wake up like this? And Jesus responded with, “He’s just like this.” Let me explain to you why I’m like this. Building the relationships, life experiences. When you stand over a man and watch him breathe his last breath, you realize how precious life is. As he’s breathing his last breath, he’s not really coherent, but he says to me, “Can you call my mom?”

I don’t want that to be me. I don’t want it to be you. Relationships with self is where it starts. And once you can build that foundation, bro, broettes, nothing can stop you because there’s a … You all know what it’s like to be in love? You know like the first week or … The first three months, that’s typically how … I’m a dude. We’re dialed in for 90 days.

Man, like you know that refreshed feeling? Just go back to your four hour conversations on the phone knowing you shut off the phone at 4:00 AM, you got to be at work at 5:30, like that kind of love? You got all the text messages, and you’re just going back and forth. You’re at the stoplight texting and you’re texting everywhere and now your wife texted you, you don’t respond. You’re like, “Okay.”

I call that day one. To wake up and feel like that years later, I’m telling you, it’s possible. And then that love that you have and the relationships that you build, that love transcends into your business. I take that back. Your Businesses. Yes, I travel the world and I speak. Yes, I write books. Yes, I have a radio show. Yes, I have a TV show. Yes, I’m an engaged dad with my son and my daughter. Yes, I’m an engaged husband. Yes, I still have time to skateboard with my buddies.

Yes, I wear cowboy boots and I am black, but I do skateboard. I saw people not blink. Did this brother really just say skateboard? Yes, because the hoverboard hasn’t come out yet. I know I’m not the only one waiting on a hoverboard.

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