You got to find that type of person.

That you get down with?

Yeah, just to get yourself around with.

Okay, okay.

Make it like how you is now.

Okay, diversify your associations.


All right, brothers. I appreciate your time, man.

Oh yeah.

Enjoy your day.

You too.

All right man, enjoy.

And I have the wonderful opportunity of running into people that I will probably never see again or I’ve never met and just make a quick connection. And if you heard, listen to the words that they said, inspire them just by my presence.

What is your command presence? We’re going to talk about that at this event. I get an hour and 15 minutes to speak. In the speaker world, that’s typically unheard of unless it’s your own event, so I’m excited about it.

My name is Dom Faussette with Think, React, Lead. We’re going to be talking about some command presence, becoming the obvious choice here in North Carolina. Talk to you soon.


Here we are at the event space here in North Carolina. You always want to show up at your event early if you have the opportunity to, and this is the reason why. You want to feel the energy of the environment that you’re in before people walk in. That way you know exactly what the shift is that takes place as the people’s energy starts to fill the room as they’re walking in.

And you have the opportunity to see them coming in, because this is what happens. You get to an event, or an attendee gets to an event, and they don’t really warm up until after about 20, 30 minutes. So the first 20 minutes they walk into the door, you see their real face. Usually they’re not smiling. They’re not excited about anything, and then when they get here, they put on the fake smile, the fake face.

But if you can see who they are when they walk in, you get to see their hurts, their pains, maybe their joys, their wins, their losses. And then as a speaker you can talk to those things while you’re moving about the audience.

So come early and to feel the vibe. I would just say that, but get early, get there early and then greet the people because then as your greeting, shaking hands, touch. There’s power in touch. There’s power in one-on-one communication. You get to make changes before you actually take stage.

Pleasure meeting you. All right, I’ll see you guys inside.

We’ll be inside.

All right, double dog.

All right.

That’d be all right?

Yeah, all right.

Ah man, all right, go time. Shake hands, kiss babies.

And here we are. This is going to be good. Real estate investors seminar and all these people want to make some dreams happen. They’re not ready for this because I’m not talking about money. Like I’m talking to their hearts.

And thank Colby Cafer, making this happen. Big ups to Jesus Jimenez of the Visual Collection, the guy behind this camera. And just a dude that I love traveling with because I don’t trust too many people, but him? We got a connection, so I greatly appreciate that and look at people coming in, man. This is, they’re coming in, they’re coming in. They’re not ready. We going to make some magic happen. Let’s do this. I’m out.