And welcome to Think. React. Lead. My name’s Dom Faussette, Executive Coach and Leadership Speaker.

Let’s talk about being unstuck. How many times have you gone through the week, whether you’re self-employed or you work for somebody else and you just feel stuck or maybe you’re at home and you feel stuck?

One of the things that I’ve done in the past to unstick myself was just to stop doing what I was doing. Whatever it might be. If I’m at work, I take a break. If I’m in the office, I take a break. If, say you have kids, your kids are just getting on your last nerve, shut the TV down, send them to bed, make them take a nap.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that with your employees, but when I say take a break, it doesn’t have to be long. It could be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, if you have that luxury. But if you don’t, that’s okay. Take a short break. By doing this and sitting in silence and I’m talking no AirPods, nothing in your ears. No music, no external distractions, no radio, just you and wherever you are.

Go for a walk. A 10 minute walk does wonders for the body, for the mind, for everything. That is a way to get unstuck. Don’t think about being unstuck. Just do something about it. The simplest thing you can do is just to remove yourself from your current environment. Walk away for a couple of minutes, get a glass of water and come back refreshed.

Again, my name is Dom Faussette, Executive Coach and Leadership speaker. I can be found on Instagram @DomFaussette or Facebook at Think. React. Lead. You guys have a wonderful day!