Hey, what about those sound effects? I am currently dog sitting. I believe this is my last day of dog sitting.

I want to talk about self promotion, putting you down. The dog’s name is Lola. But self promotion. Many of you aren’t doing it. I know the reason you’re not doing it is because maybe you feel that you’re not good looking enough. You are. Maybe you at one point in time had hair and now you’re bald and you’re not comfortable with it. Maybe at one time you had abs and now you don’t, like myself. And you’re not comfortable with it. I’m very comfortable with the fact that I don’t have abs. But I take that back. Some days, I wish I had them, like pool parties, which I don’t go to, because of that. But anyways, whatever the look that you have, it’s you.

Lola is a very ugly puppy. Not even a puppy, a dog. Not my dog. Maybe ugly is a strong word. I think the dog is ugly, because I know what the dog is supposed to look like. That one’s different. But when it comes to human beings and you promoting yourself, who cares what you look like? You are living. The fact that you’re living should be enough for you to promote your business, promote your brand, promote yourself. I say that by way of the power of videos.

Videos are freaking powerful, extremely powerful. I leveraged videos a couple of years ago and I noticed a huge difference in my business as I did more videos last year than I ever have. Now that I have a radio show and I was just starting a TV show and that’s going to pick back up. But the purpose and power of video is for you, not just for your audience.

When you know, for example, Instagram, you have a 60 second video that you can do, you do that 60 second video and you know what 60 seconds feels like. The way you do your videos, let me help you out with this. My videos will typically start with, “Hey, welcome to Think, React, Lead. My name is Dom Faussette, executive coach and leadership speaker.” The reason why I do that is to let people know where they’re at: Think, react, Lead, name of my company, who I am, Dom Faussette, and what I do, executive coach and leadership speaker.

I want you to try that. Start doing videos. Start with … you can use mine. “Welcome to Think, React, Lead. My name is Dom Faussette,, executive coach and leadership speaker. Start with that framework and deliver content. I’ll talk to you soon. Have a good day.