Welcome to Think, React, Lead. My name is Dom Faussette Executive Coach and Leadership Speaker. Let’s talk about this thing that people say a lot, “The struggle is real.” I’m going to give you some reasons why your struggle more oftentimes than not is fictitious or necessary to get you to the next level. I’ve heard people say, “The struggle is real,” yet in majority of their life, they’re not pushing themselves. See, when you come up against an obstacle or a struggle maybe it’s just there, and it’s meant for you to push to see what you’re capable of, to see what you’re made up. More oftentimes, I’ve seen people say to other people, “Wow, you’re amazing. I see the potential in you,” but we don’t see that in ourselves. The only reason why we don’t see it ourselves is because we are not pushing past the barriers or the obstacles that are in front of us. And I know I’ve just used the word obstacles, but sometimes these obstacles are fictitious as well.

If we get rid of all of the unnecessary junk in our lives it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be easier to focus on the one thing, and the one thing that we’re focused on is going to be the thing that… People say, “Legacy is your purpose,” whatever you think that might be. But it’s going to be the thing that you’re most passionate about, and understand that yes, you might be passionate about it, but the money is in the boring. The exciting part of it typically isn’t going to net you any results or income or success. Success is a feeling. It is not monetary. But the success, the results, the monetization, it’s in the boring.

So push past the obstacles, do the hard work, embrace the boring or as we say in the military, “Embrace the suck,” and I’ll see you on the other side of your obstacles where you’re going to be successful. And again, success is a feeling. It is not monetary. My name’s Executive Coach Dom Faussette. Have a wonderful day. If you have any questions, feel free to follow me on Instagram @domfaussette, DM me, or you can message me on Facebook if you will. If you want to take the Habit Finder Assessment, I suggest that you do so you see what your habits are or aren’t, but you can find that on domfaussette.com. Have a wonderful day.