Do you want to stop being depressed? I’m going to lightly use that word. Are you going to stop being stressed? What more can I do?

Do that. I have zero stress, because, who am I to think everything’s going to work? Everything is not supposed to work. Everything’s not supposed to go in your favor.

Every deal is not supposed to be signed off on. Every check expected to be coming your way is not supposed to clear. Who are you to think life’s supposed to be perfect? Suck it up, buttercup. In the military we say embrace the freaking suck. Yeah, you’re going to do some things. You’re going to jump. You’re going to land and stick.

Feces are going to hit the oscillating rotor. Things are going to get squirrely. But we live this life like things aren’t supposed to go wrong. Oh, I’m stressed. I’m overwhelmed. You’re not overwhelmed. That’s life preparing you for the next stage of your life.